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millennials making it work

Since 2015…

…a class and an instructor changed the way I viewed everything. I had been working in web design for a few years and wanted to do more. This class opened my eyes to cyber security and how technology impacts every one of us. It crosses borders, it creates jobs, and if you have access to a computer and internet you become powerful. Join me in this effort to make an impact in peoples’ lives.

Gabriela Ariza


For haiti & the usa

Our Mission

We realize custom websites can be very expensive. The average cost of a small custom website can be $5,000. We are here to support small businesses by providing a custom site and start their web presence for a less expensive price. By purchasing a site from us, we donate the funds to build a tech center in Haiti and create tech jobs in Haiti. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Let us help and support one another in a small yet impactful way.


Designed and Handmade In House

Each website is tailored to your unique business. We specialize in web design, development, and bringing a web presence to your business. Our team is small to provide a personalized experience and support. Our team is also strong because each one of us have different skillsets to bring to the table.

Each website is a donation to help young Haitians learn and love technology the way we do.

We plan on launching a tech center in Haiti where the youth will learn programming, networking, and cyber security.

Join us, and let us support your business and spread the power of technology around the world.


Meet the Team

Wendy Berléus

Project & Tech Center Manager

26, is a young leader in the Haitian community who through his charisma and leadership, insipres a plurality of fellow citizens. He is known as a journalist, social entrepreneur, teacher and master of ceremonies. He has studied law and is currently writing his thesis.


Current student at PUCMM studying computer science. Bright and talented developer.


Received Computer Science degree from Universidad Catolica Tecnologica del Cibao.


Computer System Engineer from PUCMM, full stack developer with years of experience in web MVC framework.


Current eager student at Campus Henry Christophe. Works in web development.